Just found a new Firefox Extension that’s quickly become a favorite. The View Source Chart extension works similar to a “View Source” command, but formats the page code in easy to read, color-coded blocks. It’s great for finding tags or code that are causing rendering problems or other issues. When debugging a site, you may not know exactly what you’re looking for, but with the nice hierarchy Source Chart provides, it’s easy to spot the item that’s out of place.

G1 toy and final cake, originally uploaded by Floating Cat.

Just the other day, Carter decided he wanted a Transformers birthday party. This came as quite a surprise, since he’s been saying for months that he wanted a Fantastic Four birthday party, because “I’m turning 4.”

Jill and I absolutely couldn’t come up with a good Fantastic Four cake idea, but Transformers we can do. I remembered seeing the above Optimus Prime cake a few weeks back on Digg and I knew that we could easily adapt it to look like the Optimus from the movie.

Even better, the person that built the Optimus cake documented the whole process, which should save us a little trouble.

Carter and I had lunch with the Nashville KNI crew today. It’s been a while since I’ve seen these guys, so it was cool to do a quick catch up. Although with Carter along, he did most of the talking. The funny thing is, at almost 4 years old, he fit right in with the rest of us. He was talking Transformers (even old school ones), Ninja Turtles, Batman, Star Wars, Ratatouille and everything else. It’s always fun for me to watch others interact with him. I’m so used to the things he does and the mannerisms he has, seeing others react to it, really points them out.

Daniel picked up on Carter’s willingness to talk and was “parenting” right away. He was enticing Carter to eat “one more bite” before he would reveal his favorite Transformer.

I wish I had seen Michael’s Yewknee Redesign before meeting up so I could compliment him in person. It’s a great looking revision that gives the content much more room to breath. Not to be modest, but I think usability/communication is the most important thing that Michael and I learned at MTSU in the graphic communication (now called Media Design) program and I’ve no doubt that it is also one of the key factors (along with Daniel’s illustration skills) that have propelled them both to web rock-star status. Great friends that I should really try to see a little more often.

If you loved the Challenge of the SuperFriends with the Legion of Doom, this is the episode for you.

When a construction crew recovers the Hall of Doom, Batman and Robin wonder how the workers obtained top secret information. That crew is really the Legion of Doom, and they capture the duo. They then go to the Hall of Justice to take over and turn Superman and Wonder Woman into crystal. Luthor and company start a crime wave, but the heroes manage to escape and stop the Legion before robbing Fort Knox.