A big thanks to TechTracer for pointing me in the right direction for a frustrating WordPress error.

After upgrading to WordPress 2.3 (fairly painless, despite the major changes due to “tag” implementation) I couldn’t upload images. Any image over 100K would produce an error stating: Allowed memory size of 16388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 6400 bytes). It also made reference to the includes\image.php file.

After reading the TechTracer post, I added one line of code just after the <? php tag in the image.php file:


The additional functions in WordPress (tags) and the plug-ins that I’m running must max out the memory. Now, I can upload my images and WordPress will resize and generate thumbnails just like it should (using the excellent Flexible Upload plug-in, that is).

This past weekend, we went to the Adventure Science Center to check out the DinoRumble exhibit. Carter said over and over he wanted to go see the dinosaurs. It was only a few months ago at Disney World and also in Gatlinburg, he wanted nothing to do with dinosaurs unless they were picture in a book.

Still, he professed his excitement at seeing the dinosaurs and would ask everyday when we were going. Just before we walked in, he timidly asked “will they be making noise?” After the first roar, that was about the last dinosaur we looked at. Luckily, there was a ton of other fun things to do. The BodyQuest exhibit was the most entertaining and easily took the most time to explore. All in all, a fun outing.

Smashing Magazine has posted 10 Usability Nightmares You Should Be Aware of and it’s a great read. Several things in there that all developers have probably been guilty of at one time or another. Read it and then try to remove as much of them from your sites as you can.

Smashing Magazine also provided a list of 8 Usability Checkpoints as well. Just read the article for more info on each one listed below.

1. You don’t use pop-ups.
2. You don’t change users’ window size.
3. You don’t use too small font sizes.
4. You don’t have unclear link text.
5. You don’t have dead links.
6. You have at most one animation per page.
7. You make it easy to contact you.
8. Your links open in the same window.