Our New House

Outside photo of the new house.Formal living room and dining room.
It has a nice, big kitchen.Great room with fireplace.

Here are a few photos of the new house. They look like they were taken before it was completely finished (there’s not oven in the kitchen or paint on some of the walls). The first photo is of the outside of the house. The back yard is slightly larger than what we have now (.35 acres). It’s just big enough. Growing up on 4+ acres, I would like more, but the reality is that’s just not an option right now. One more nice thing about the outside is the oversize deck. While nowhere near as large as our current 10’x30′ deck, it’s much more than the 8’x8′ standard.

The next photo is the formal living room and dining room. The living room is where we plan on putting the computer, a few chairs and hopefully a nice bookshelf or two. Looking from that room, you can see the dining room. Nothing fancy, but it will be nice to have an area for family to eat when the holidays roll around.

The third photo is of the kitchen. This is probably the most important thing that Jill and I wanted in the new house. Our current kitchen is large in area, but lacks cabinet and storage space if you’re the sort that likes to cook. The island and a double-door pantry should be plenty of space. The kitchen opens into the living room, which is the last photo.

It’s a little larger than what we have now. Unfortunately, the fire place is wood-burning. In the future, I’m sure we’ll see about converting it to gas. It’s funny, when you buy your first house, there are so many little things you don’t notice or you don’t realize how important they would be. It was always frustrating because our house didn’t have phone/cable hook-ups in every room. Similarly, no matter the size of the room, there is only one electrical outlet on the wall. The new house remedies that annoyance.

The upstairs is bedrooms and a bonus room. Since all of the bedrooms are upstairs, it makes sense that the laundry room is upstairs. That’s pretty cool, but I don’t look forward to moving those two appliances up the steps. Carter will have a bigger room (that means more toys) and overall, we won’t feel as cramped and we’ll have room to grow. There might even be a guest room.

Now the fun begins. We’ve got to finish packing up the old house, schedule a truck to move and then get everything moved in the span of a day (sometime in June). Fun times to come.


  1. Hey Phil, great looking new house. Congratulations!

    Cayce probably already told you this, but we moved back here to TN in March. I am with my same company. I jut transferred from the Marietta, GA office to the Nashville, TN office. We live in a new subdivision off of Kedron Road in Spring Hill, and my new office is at Harding Place and I-24 in Nashville.

    I know what you mean about moving and “fun times.” Just be glad you’re not moving from out of state. It was a lot of work, and we’re just now feeling settled. We’ll be painting the new house this week-end. It’s just bland flat white right now. Adding color makes a hell of a difference.

    Hey, Brooke and I were just discussing how fun it used to be to watch the old “Muppet Show” when we were kids and were wondering if you could by them on DVD. Do you know if they’re available anywhere?

    Well, just wanted to say hi. Congratulations again. I like your new place. Give me a call sometime man. It would be fun to hang out sometime. We can stay up all night and write a new hit song (ha!).



  2. Going to see if I can find your email address. You’re office is practically next to mine.

    The first season of the Muppet Show is on DVD and the second is coming out in a few months. I’ve got an old set of Time Life DVDs that have some other episodes as well. Carter loves the Muppet Show, especially the one with Luke Skywaler, C-3PO and R2-D2.

    I can’t imagine moving to another state. I’m glad we’re only moving 20-minutes across town. We’ll be painting as soon as we move in too. Now if I can just figure out how to paint that 30-foot ceiling in the entry.

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