Carter’s New Playground – part 2

Where does that slide go?

The instructions for the playground didn’t mention the slide. The big green, 8 ft. slide was nowhere to be found in the instructions. There was an opening for it, but no mention of attaching it.

It’s must be attached to the slide, I thought. No big deal.

I looked and sure enough, there was hardware and a single page of instructions. Reading through them real quick, it seemed simple enough. Drill a few holes, drop in a few bolts and call it done.

I measured my marks and measured again–remember, measure twice and cut/drill once–and got ready to drill. As I pressed the trigger on the drill, I realized that the bolts supplied would not fit through the 4×4 post I was about to drill.

I looked through the instructions again. I went inside and put in the instruction DVD. No mention of the slide anywhere. Finally, it hit me. Check the other sets of instructions. The kit can be assembled in 3 different ways. I was constructing kit A. Kits B and C were larger, but both had the same slide.

Sure enough, inside the instructions for kit B, was a single page for the slide. Also, right there on the page it said in bold, highlighted text “IMPORTANT: Do Not Use Hardware Included With Slide. Follow Instructions on This Page.” It all made perfect sense. I had the slide attached and Carter tested it out not more than 10 minutes later. Pretty easy, once you see how to do it.

After a weekend trip and a few days of rain, there’s not much left to do and unfortunately not a whole lot of time in which to do it. We want it completed for his birthday party. As long as the weather is nice, we’ll be all set.

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