Cloverfield Creature Revealed

Cloverfield Monster

Well, not really, but you can actually see a split-second glimpse of something in the newly released trailer.

Browsing Michael’s comments, I found a few more interesting links regarding the creature.

This creature mock up image, mirrors some of the details leaked. This means the details were either accurate or the image was created based on the details.

This video, loops the footage I pulled the screen-shot from.

Regardless, I’m excited to see the film. It’s an interesting concept, by a creator I like. Having said that, the LOST Missing Pieces shorts are somewhat disappointing, so far. The first with Jack was interesting, but the second one (with Hurley) felt like a Saturday Night Live skit that was going nowhere.


  1. This looks nuthing like the monster in the movie…

    its looks like a massive golum with a whorey bug head and long slick tail…

  2. People, this IS (probably) actual screen footage pulled from the movie itself. At least I recall a scene like this being in the film, and not just in the trailer. If you look closely and pay attention to detail-then here you can see parts of the creature’s back, one elbow, and a leg as it stalks behind the buildings. The “blurry” effect was probably produced by the vid-cam itself. I have seen Cloverfield…and this IS the monster.

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