Filmation Batman and Superman Coming to DVD

It looks like the original 1966 New Adventures of Superman and Batman cartoons from Filmation will finally be coming to DVD, according to Warner Brothers animation writer Earl Kress.

At the end of a post detailing release plans for more old-school Hanah Barbera animation, Kress drops the following dates:

6/26/07: The New Adventures of Batman
The New Adventures of Superman

Those have not been “officially” announced by WB, so I wouldn’t call it 100%, but it’s a good sign. I would hope that the Batman series they are referring to is the Batman with Robin the Boy Wonder. It’s the one that was paired with the New Adventures of Superman in 1969 when they originally aired together as the Batman / Superman Hour on CBS.

The New Adventures of Batman was the series produced by Filmation in 1977. It’s the one I remember watching as a kid. It aired as part of the Super 7 block that featured Tarzan, Freedom Force, Jason of Star Command, Manta and Moray, Superstretch and Microwoman, and Web Woman. Freedom Force is out on DVD now and Jason of Star Command will be released in May.

These shows are the reason I started making my own DVDs a few years ago and I’m excited to see them finally get the actual release they deserve. If there is one area that DC dominates Marvel in, it’s tv/animation/DVD. With Superman and Batman coming, I hope they follow up with: Adventures of Superboy, the DC Heroes shorts, Aquaman, the 1988 Superman cartoon and the other Batman series (whichever one doesn’t get released). I haven’t completed (actually-just barely started) my Superman set, so it will save me some work.

Kress also states four more of my favorite cartoons will be released on July 17.

On July 17, Warner Home Video will release them in their original configuration as Space Ghost and Dino Boy and Birdman and the Galaxy Trio.

He also teases that a release of the Banana Splits Adventure Hour is pending as well.


  1. There probably wont be a Banana Splits dvd. i heard the master tapes are so degraded that there is no way to transfer them. that sucks. As for the topic at hand, The Adventured of Batman 1968 by Filmation, there may be several reasons those are not here or coming; Even though Filmation seems to be releasing all their titles to DVD, such as Jason, Tarzan, The Real Ghostbusters, Ark 2, Isis, Star Trek animated, Groovy Ghoulies, The want was to get them to release the vintage cartoons from the sixties. Today that day has come for most of us, The Adventures of Superman 1966, Aquaman 1967 have both seen DVD releases in the past 9-12 months. Of course, the Superman release was without Superboy shorts that were shown in the show, but we all know it’s due to copyright claims, Most of us were okay with that, i mean my DVD only cost 13$ so i was disappointed, but Ce’ La Vie. Then after the release of Aquaman to DVD, they released The NEW adventures of Batman from 1977. This was total crap by my regards as by then i wasn’t really watching cartoons anymore on Saturday morning as i had been spoiled by all the Japanese animation shows that were shown everyday in Los Angeles back then. Adam West is not a very good voice over actor-no offense- but im sure he’ll be the first to tell you that, he seems to be a good guy. But he wasn’t real enough. The guy from the sixties was great. I didn’t recognize his voice right away, so that made the Character Batman have THAT voice. Now I’m sure there are plenty of kids that loved the 77 series and that’s fine, but they should know that at a time when good animation was scarce for kids, the 1968 Batman cartoon buried itself in our memories. the animation from 77 was retread from the old Filmation directions, close-ups and models. but it was much more polished and seemed to be there just so kids wouldn’t know they were being sold cereal every ten minutes. It really had no balls. but there it was. They had released That instead of the former 1968 cartoon. And BATMITE? that’s a whole ‘nother thousand words. Soule and Kasem were unavailable for voice overs for Filmation in 77 so they went with the TV stars. It never worked. suddenly, Filmation releases something that no one on this board would have bet on in 50 years. If a beloved character like Superboy couldn’t be brought to home video because of copyrights, how in the world were they able to release the short superhero cartoons that were used between the Superman Aquaman Adventure hour series? The Flash, Green Lantern, The Atom, Hawkman- The Justice League of America. Those got released. i never would have thought i’d see an official release of most of this stuff. As i type this, in the background, i’m listening to a featurette from the the DVD release of Filmation’s 1977 Batman, and it seems that everyone interviewed is making excuses for the show, they don’t seem to really like the direction they took this particular series, but they aren’t coming right out and saying that, but you can tell if you look it up on Youtube and listen. What i wonder is, if all the writers and guest stars they talked to, felt that way, there is NOT A CHANCE IN HADES that none of them asked if not pleaded for the release of the 1968 Adventures of Batman cartoon. But right now, there is such a glut of animated Batman stuff on DVD, i mean take a look, it’s extensive. Maybe they are trying to find a way to differentiate it from all that other stuff. Come on………

  2. they need to put out the rest of superman form the 60’s and batman from 1968 and superboy as well and tarzan as well. quit fighting over rights we will buy it.

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