How Hard Is It – part 1?

YouTube Spam – Seriously, how hard is it to implement a filter to keep people from posting their URL/Cam Site names as comments on my video posts. Any given day I can check and 1/3 of my new comments will be spam. Marking it spam never seems to work and I swear that if I mark it as spam, it reappears the next time I check the post.

Come on YouTube, let’s get some seriously good comment spam protection going.

Badly Formatted Top 10 Lists – You know that a good list (Top 10 Ways, Best, Most Sucessful, etc.) will get you on Digg no problem, but formatting that list with only one entry per page means that I probably won’t read it. How hard is it to make something easy to read? Do you want to turn away readers?

Here’s a good list – ASME’s Top 40 Magazine Covers and a bad list – AOL Money & Finance: Most Successful Movie Franchises.

Guess which one I read?

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