LOST – Expose

This weeks LOST was probably an episode that divided fans. I’ve not been following on-line comments about the show for some time, but I did read a the comments penned by one of my former college professors:

Darlton and company (the writers) had a problem on their hands: they had made a mistake by introducing N and P (I suspect their inclusion was forced on them by the ABC suits, hoping it would increase the show’s international appeal). How to get rid of them? “Expose” did the deed and did it in a self-conscious, self-referential, oroboric (snake-biting-its-own-tail), self-congratulatory way.

On NPR’s On Point this week, Damon Lindelof confesses that the beginning and the end of Lost have not been a problem; the problem is the middle. “Tap dancing,” as Lindelof admits, is fun to watch, but not for long. “Expose” was narratological tap dancing. Self-conscious fun while it lasted. But then he also admitted that the episode might be the best Lost candidate yet for shark-jumping.

Jump the Shark or not, it was an enjoyable episode. it reminded me of an episode of Tales from the Crypt. I don’t think every episode has to be a “mythology” episode to be exciting. It’s great to learn new secrets, but it’s also fun to spend time with the characters, especially Hurley and Sawyer (and watch their interactions).

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