Man-Ape Sighting

The Pan-African Congress on the Treatment of Supernumans (left to right): Afrikaa (of Mohannda), Zanda (exiled Princess of Narobia), Queen Ororo (of Wakanda), King T’Challa (of Wakanda), Man-Ape (representing Wakanda’s Jabari tribe), Moses Magnum (of Canaan), and President N’Dingi (of Mbangawi)

I just recently posted an entry for the Marvel character Man-Ape, when low and behold, he pops up in the Civil War Battle Damage Report. While not really a “comic,” the Battle Damage Report is a text heavy, encyclopedic 60+ pages of info and bios brought up to date with Marvel’s recent Civil War event.

As you can probably tell from previous entries, I can’t get enough of this type of book. If I had to guess, it stems from my childhood. I remember reading the original Marvel Handbooks and DC Who’s Who series and thinking how cool they were.

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