Some of these are pretty hilarious. You might be a redneck Jedi if…

  • You ever heard the phrase, “May the force be with y’all.”
  • Your Jedi robe is camouflage.
  • You have ever used your light saber to open a bottle of Bud Light.
  • At least one wing of your X-Wings is primer colored.
  • You can easily describe the taste of an Ewok.
  • You have ever had a land-speeder up on blocks in your yard.
  • The worst part of spending time on Dagobah is the dadgum skeeters.
  • Wookiees are offended by your B.O.
  • You have ever used the force to get yourself another beer so you didn’t have to wait for a commercial.
  • You have ever used the force in conjunction with fishing or bowling.
  • Your father has ever said to you, “Shoot, son come on over to the dark side…it’ll be a hoot.”
  • You have ever had your R-2 unit use its self-defense electro-shock thingy to get the barbecue grill to light up.
  • You have a confederate flag painted on the hood of your land-speeder.
  • You ever fantasized about Princess Leah wearing Daisy Duke shorts.
  • You have the doors of your X-wing welded shut and you have to get in through the window.
  • Although you had to kill him, you kinda thought that Jabba the Hutt had a pretty good handle on how to treat his women.
  • You have a cousin who bears a strong resemblance to Chewbacca.
  • You suggested that they outfit the Millennium Falcon with redwood deck.
  • You were the only person drinking Jack Daniels during the cantina scene.
  • If you hear . . . “Luke, I am your father… and your uncle…”

After I don’t know how many attempts to get wp-cache, wp-supercache and diggDefender to work in an IIS/Windows environment. Somehow, I never stumbled upon the article at Fanrastic or I never implemented it just right. Because I got it working in a matter of minutes. I’ve copied the steps below (for my own personal archive), so please don’t ask questions or give thanks – direct those to Fanrastic.

  1. Download the WP-Cache zip file (current version as of writing is 2.1.1) and unzip into wp-content/plugins folder.
  2. If you’re planning to run WP-Cache on IIS, you’ll first need to update wp-cache-phase1.php. Problem is that IIS apparently doesn’t set the REQUEST_URI server variable as expected. There are two ways to fix this issue, depending on how you are managing permalinks.

    The first way to fix this issue is to replace
    This step was contributed by Unsought Input. I believe this works if you have used the pathinfo php.ini method described here.

    The second way to fix this issue was contributed by Yonatanz and it is what worked for me. I am using the 404-redirect method to enable permalinks which can be found over at Keyboard Face. This technique should also work for isapi_redirects. All you need to do is replace

  3. Copy wp-content/plugins/wp-cache/wp-cache-phase1.php to wp-content/advanced-cache.php (not really sure why this isn’t simplified by the author).
  4. Open the standard wp-config.php file and add define('WP_CACHE', true);
  5. Now comes the tricky part:

    open wp-content/plugins/wp-cache/wp-cache.php in your favourite text editor. Search for the wp_cache_add_pages function and change the function code like this:

    add_options_page('WP-Cache Manager', 'WP-Cache', 5, 'wp_cache/wp_cache.php', 'wp_cache_manager');

    The reason the original code doesn’t work is that the original __FILE__ resolves to wp_cache\wp_cache.php which some browser eat and convert to wp_cachewp_cache.php, which doesn’t exist.

  6. The second problem is that WP-Cache checks for installation step 2) in a windows-incompatible manner. Search for the wp_cache_check_link function. Change the first three lines after the variable declaration in this way:

    # if ( basename(@readlink($wp_cache_link)) != basename($wp_cache_file)) {
    # @unlink($wp_cache_link);
    # if (!@symlink ($wp_cache_file, $wp_cache_link)) {
    if (!file_exists($wp_cache_link)) { {

  7. Finally, if you are running an older version of WP-Cache, open wp-content/plugins/wp-cache/wp-cache-phase2.php and search for ob_end_clean(); and replace with ob_end_flush();. Without this change the cached page contents are not written back when the page is initially cached. It’s unclear to me if that works under *nix, I assume it couldn’t. This appears to have been fixed in WP-Cache 2.1.1.
  8. That’s it- you’re done. Now goto Options/WP-Cache and turn caching on.

Wolverine and the X-Men Promo Image

I had heard about this cartoon and think I posted the teaser image before, but this is the first footage I’ve seen. Looks like another alternative take on the X-Men. While it’s cool there’s another X-Men cartoon in the works, this one doesn’t look different enough to stand out. Why make another? What’s it going to show that the other two incarnations didn’t. Yes, there’s no Professor X and Wolverine looks to be the focus, but other than that, it looks to visually similar to the X-Men Evolution cartoon.

I’ll still watch it.

The preview is gone, hope you saw it when it was there. Seems like the company got into a little trouble over using some unauthorized Foo Fighters music in the video. Oops.

Just a few interesting notes from the weekend.


A large batch of new photos were posted at the Iron Man movie site. Several great shots in there, including different versions of the armor. The one above is a favorite. Seems to explain the movie all by itself. Still can’t get over how cool this is looking. If you didn’t like the Super Bowl commercial for Iron Man, there is not hope for you.

Next up, Marvel has posted a list of the 10 Greatest X-Men. the whole list seems kind of redundant. One, since it’s from Marvel, what kind of perspective do they have. As I was reading it, There were one or two entries where I thought “oh, look at my, I’ve got a new series coming out.” Most of the list I do agree with and I’d expect any longtime fan to as well.

Finally, my favorite question/article I’ve read in a while… Can a Lightsaber Cut Through Superman? If the lightsaber were made with a piece of green kyptonite as its crystal – of course it could. How big of a geek am I when I read it and I think, “of course, that makes perfect sense.”