Hawkman Who's Who Figure

Photo of my Hawkman Who's Who figure. Posted by Flickr and sent by phone.

I recently got a new phone. My old Treo 650 was getting buggy and not holding a good charge. Upgrading my plan has given me a few new features. I can now blog and upload photos to the site from my phone (thanks Flickr). This should come in quite handy on May 27 when the new baby arrives.

Thing DVD Menu

This cartoon is pretty bad, I’ll admit it. However, I remember loving it as a kid because it had the Thing from the Fantastic Four.

In this series, the Thing is Benjamin “Benjy” Grimm and he’s a high school student. No mention of the FF is made and he can control his transformation into the Thing by using his Thing Ring. By touching the two halves of the ring together (one on each hand) he can transform into the Thing. He’s constantly using his Thing powers to rescue his friends from everyday dangers. Rarely does he face off against any super-villain, but there is the occasional bad guy.

This was a hard series to track down. I finally found great copies through a friend. They were new recordings from Boomerang. I took the set and created a nice menu using some artwork from a Marvel Comics hardback book that details the history of their television projects. It originally aired in a 1-hour block with a Flintstones show and was called Fred and Barney Meet the Thing, although the two cartoons never crossed over.

The first segment, a very loose adaptation of Marvel Comics’ character The Thing, consisted of stories following the Thing as a teenager named Benjy Grimm who transforms into the rock-skinned superhero by touching together magic rings and reciting the words “Thing ring, do your thing!”

The stories centered mostly around Benjy at Centerville High School with his friends Betty, her rich boyfriend Ronald, Kelly (Betty’s kid-sister) and teacher Miss Twilly. Kelly was the only person who knew about Benjy’s secret.

Twenty six 11-minute episodes of The Thing were produced; 2 shorts aired per show.

from Wikipedia

Thing from The Thing Cartoon

Del Toro Wolfman Del Toro Wolfman 2

Wow! Very cool. I’m so glad that Rick Baker and the studio decided to go with a traditional looking werewolf for the 2009 remake of the Universal Classic, The Wolfman. Entertainment Weekly has the first pictures and they look great.

Lon Chaney Wolfman

Very traditional looking, but much more threatening looking when compared to the tame looking version from the 1941 original (above). The only redesign that kept the more human appearance that looked interesting since then was the Wolfman from The Monster Squad in 1987. That movie (one of my favorites) produced the famous line:


Fascinating article at the Consumerist detailing how Best Buy profiles its customers. Be sure to check out the gallery of images at the bottom of the article all of the Best Buy profiles. Which profile describes you?

We already know how Best Buy thinks of customers as either “angels” or “demons,” and most Diggers are “Buzzes” or “Rays,” but now meet the newest additions to their internal sales stereotyping system.

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