Fables Collection Cover by James Jean 

If you’re a fan of artist James Jean (if you’re not, you should be), you’ll be glad to know that DC Comics is releasing a hardback collection of his work on the Vertigo series Fables.

Jean has posted the beautiful wrap-around cover for the collection on his site and you can pre-order the book from Amazon right now for $26. Just check out his blog for examples of his stunning work. Well worth picking up in hardcover.

There’s a new web service called dipity that creates timelines of your events. You can see a quick timeline I created below using the services (blog, Flickr, Yelp, etc) that I commonly use. It’s a nice visual way to see what someone has been doing. It offers Twitter integration as well, but I found that it cluttered up the timeline.

I think it has potential, but there are other things I’d like for it to do.

For instance, I think it would make a great “Archive” page for your blog. However, it only imports blog posts via RSS feed. Meaning it will show the most recent posts only. I tried to create a custom RSS page and use that, but it would bomb out at more than 20 results.

So go try dipity and see what you think. I’ll keep watching to see if you can import older content.

Isotope was designed for moments like this one

I’ve never been to Isotope Comics in SF, but I’ve heard about it from many different places. Owner James Sime has created a shop that caters to comic fans and promotes a community, not a run in, get your books and leave type shop.

Just look at the amount of light in this photo. Have you even seen that much light in your average comic shop?

The reason this photo is the best and proves that Isotope is tops. Parent and kid reading a comic together in the shop. That’s perfect.