It’s almost Halloween and that means it’s time for another Simpson’s Treehouse of Horror episode. Although I haven’t watched the Simpsons regularly in years, I always watch the Treehouse of Horror of episodes. I’ve recorded everyone and each year I update my DVD (now 4 DVDs) with the newest episode. While they’re not as good as they used to be, each one usually has a few classis moments. Here are two of my favorites:

Time Travel Nightmare

No TV and No Beer Makes Homer…


Reading an interview on Kotaku about Diablo III and I ran across this great quote:

It seems like a ton of work, not only creating each of the skills but determining how they function with runes attached, but Jay assured me it wasn’t a problem for Blizzard.

"We have a saying at Blizzard when something looks like too much work. How about we pay you? You can work on it, and every two weeks we’ll cut you a check."

What a great way of saying “do your job.”

The Outbreak is billed as an interactive experience. It’s an online Choose Your Own Adventure novel and after playing it, I’d say it’s done perfectly.

You watch short clips of a film (this one is about a Zombie outbreak) and every 30-seconds to one-minute, you are presented with a choice. The interface is done very well and the breaks between choosing and playing the next scene are almost seamless.

If you’re like me and you make the wrong choice (lots of times), there is a tree-view that lets you see all the chapter points you’ve selected. It colors successful choices blue and failures as red. One successful choices can (and does) lead to multiple dead ends.

Again, it’s really well done. The visuals are professional looking (a bit graphic – it’s Zombies) and the web interface is perfect.

Check out and try it your self.


I can’t believe it was 20 years ago when I first started reading Sandman from DC Comics Vertigo imprint. It was my introduction to Neil Gaiman and I’ve been a fan ever since.

I’ve devoured everything Sandman related since then and I eagerly await receiving the final 2 volumes in the Absolute Sandman series this Christmas, so I can re-read the entire series.

One great thing about the series was the cast of rotating artists. Being only 14 when the series started, it introduced me to great artists like Jill Thomson, Marc Hempel, MIke Zuli, and more.

If you’re a fan of the series or great looking art, you should check out the Endless Refelctions: 20 Years of Sandman gallery. Many of the pieces are available for purchase—if you have the $$.

shield hammer

Halloween is getting close, but even if it weren’t, the above 2 items might have to be purchased. Both are available on Amazon for less than $11 each. These would go perfect with the Indiana Jones, Star Wars, Iron Man, Batman, and Spider-Man role play items that Carter has.