Carter (and the Dodgers) played their last game of the Spring season last night. We were up a against the undefeated White Sox. Even though we lost the game (16-8), Carter played possibly the best fielding game ever.

He was attentive, fast and ready for every hit. He knew where to take the ball every time and if he got an out, he’d turn around and check the other bases.

Here’s a video of him getting an out at first and then running home to try and get another:

Our regular first baseman had left for vacation (since school was out) or Carter could have thrown it to first, like he did at a previous game:

I couldn’t be more proud of him. He loves playing ball and wants to play (and practice). I won’t push him to play, but I do encourage him – because he’s good.

I’m looking forward to Fall Ball. I’ll be stepping up as head coach and hopefully we’ll have another fun season.