LOST Season 6 Premiere

Some thoughts on the season 6 premiere of LOST:

Man, what a great two hours. I was smiling ear to ear the whole time. Now, for thoughts and comments.

It tore me up to see Juliet die again and again – with Sawyer there. I like where those two wound up. However, just before she died, it seemed Juliet was slipping into the alternate reality where the flight landed. She told Sawyer, “perhaps we can get a cup of coffee” and “we’ll go dutch.” He thought she was delusional, but was she glimpsing the other reality. Her after death message of “it worked” sure makes it seem like it.

Just like the flash forwards, I think this alternate reality where 815 landed is more than a glimpse. What purpose it serves, I don’t know.

Hurley was awesome this episode. I like seeing him being sure of himself.

I was conflicted with Sayid’s death. I was shocked that he died, but wasn’t sure that he was dead. We’ve been told that the island can’t resurrect someone, but I wanted Sayid to come back – not content with following him in the alternate reality. The scene where Jack gives Sayid CPR reminded me of the scene with Kate and Jack trying to revive Charlie after Ethan hung him.

Anyway, when Sayid sits up, I was as surprised as Hurley. So, can the temple waters resurrect someone and Richard Alpert isn’t aware of that fact. I’d say no. I’m guessing the group at the temple is the group of others/hostiles/natives that Richard has always been a part of. So…what happened to Sayid. Is Sayid now Jacob – much the same way the Man in Black (MIB) is now Locke?

A few questions were answered – smoke monster and what happened with stewardess Cindy – but as any good episode of LOST – more questions were asked. It’s amazing how after 5 seasons, this show can still be show creative and entertaining. Can’t wait to see the rest and I’ll be sad to see it go.

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