Here’s a recent MLB Fancave video featuring Atlanta Braves rookies Freddie Freeman and Craig Kimbrel. Fan Caver Mike O’Hara tells them about the postseason and they quickly scramble to clear their calendar in case the Braves make it to the postseason (they will).

It’s a great video if you’re a Braves fan – if you can get past the fact that both Kimbrel and Freeman were with the Braves in the 2010 postseason – a fact pointed out by my wife @ATLBravesBelle.

Chatting with Sprint is fun. My phone (Palm Pre) and Jill’s (Samsung Moment) have one foot in the grave and multiple issues. We’ve got less than 2 weeks to upgrade them both, but Jill’s phone stopped dialing out today – which kind of defeats the purpose of a phone. I told her I’d check with Sprint and see if we could get her the upgrade price now.

My first mistake was using the Sprint chat.

13:56:17 : Thank you for contacting Sprint. My name is #### #.

13:56:22 : #### #: I am happy to help you. Please hold a moment while I access your account.

13:56:27 : #### #: While I access your account information, can you please provide more details about why you’re chatting with us today?

13:57:44 : Phillip Duncan: My wife’s phone (***-*I**-****) won’t dial out, experiences slowness, locks up… She’s less than 2 weeks away for replacement – can that be adjusted to get her a new phone now?

13:58:32 : #### #: Ok

13:58:42 : #### #: Please allow me a few moment to look into it.

14:00:52 : #### #: Thanks for waiting.

14:01:32 : #### #: I have checked that you will be eligible for an upgrade on September 01, 2011.


When the Atlanta Braves sent out an email blast with $18 tickets and I found seats on the right-field warning track, it was too good to pass up. School was still out and a 7pm EST start time meant we’d probably get home about Midnight – plenty of time for me to get some shuteye and make it to work the next day. Little did we know that what we were really going to see was the LONGEST GAME in ATLANTA BRAVES Franchise history.

Yep. The game lasted 19 innings for 6 hours and 39 minutes. Yes, we made it home and yes I made it to work — only about 2 hours late. It was all worth it because the Braves won – even if it was a controversial call.

Plus, we made it on TV – twice. You can see the clips above. Carter, Riley and I are walking the plaza at about 20-seconds on the pre-game show. At about 40 seconds, look below the SportSouth logo and you can see us all for a second and Carter for a few more as he walks down to the right-field wall.