This past Sunday, the wife, kids and I were making the 1-hour drive home from visiting my grandmother. Most of the trips if Interstate or Parkway travel through undeveloped areas.

It’s shortly after 6 p.m., it’s dark and the boys are both asleep in the back. I’m doing about 75 MPH and I notice something crawling out of the median.

I quickly hit the brakes and I fully saw the gray coyote walk directly into the road. I started to swerve a little bit and I realized if I swerved any more it would put us and the van directly in the median. Not a place I wanted to be,

Sorry, Mr. Coyote. It was either you or my family.

Wile E. did have his revenge. The impact cracked the front bumper on the passenger side and knocked a cover off behind the front passenger tire.

All things considered, it was an even trade.

Spider-Man By Carter - Age 4

It’s plain to see that this is a drawing of Spider-Man. If the red and blue doesn’t give it away, the webs coming from his hands should. Awesome!

He’s made such an improvement in coloring and drawing in just a few weeks. Suddenly he’s attempting to draw faces and characters and coloring almost completely inside the lines. We try to color or draw at least a few times a week.


Carter was ready for Santa this year. He went to visit him during the day on Monday and showed Santa his Wal-Mart Wish Book with the stickers on all the items he liked.

Say what you will about Wal-Mart. The wish book was a cool idea (and a good marketing one, as well). It gave Carter a visual reminder of all the things he liked and it made me remember being a kid and looking through the Sears and JC Penny catalogs at the pages and pages of toys. I would carefully make a list, listing the item and page number of each thing I wanted. Just like Ralphie, I had to have a specific item each year. Good memories and hopefully Carter will have them too.