Cover to Action Comics #857 featuring the Bizarro Justice League

Bizarro returns to Action Comics in issue #855 (on sale 08/29/2007) courtesy of Geoff Johns, Richard Donner and artist Eric Powell. Just look at that cover to issue #857 with the Bizarro Justice League. It’s hilarious. The fat Flash and happy Batman are the best.

I can’t imagine the story being anything but amazing. Johns has excelled at integrating past history into the recent continuity of the DC Universe and director/producer Richard Donner has invigorated the Superman franchise with new takes on old ideas. Top it off with art by Eric Powell, who is THE perfect artist for a story involving Bizarro, and I’m ready to start reading.

Episode #24 of the 1980-1982 shorts.
Bizarro attacks the SuperFriends by turning them into Bizarro-Superheroes that think like him. He also exposes Superman to Red Kryptonite, which causes him to grow extra arms and legs. Superman manages to stop Bizarro by exposing him to Blue Kryptonite.