Slusho! just released a new commercial and as I was digging around the Slusho! site, I searched for some of the other names and terms I saw. It turns out there is a huge viral campaign, very similar to what’s happening for the Dark Knight, for Cloverfield.

Digging around all of the sites, you start to get an idea about the Cloverfield movie and what it may all be about. It all seems very Godzilla like to me (which isn’t a bad thing).

Scientist discover a new (and tasty) organism underwater and begin to experiment and develop things with it. A trigger such as this could easily mutate something (maybe a whale – mentioned many times on the Slusho! site) to gigantic proportions. The organisms within the Slusho! drink –which must remain frozen to stay fresh– could have disastrous effects after long term gestation in a person (the exploding person in the Cloverfield trailer). I managed to find the following sites that are all related to Cloverfield:

  1. Slusho!
  2. Tagruato – Be sure to read the Deep Sea Drilling and the Yoshida Medial Research (and related) sections.
  3. Noriko Yoshida’s Website
  4. T.I.D.O.

After I had done a lot of digging, I stumbled upon, which has done a great job of logging and following all the viral clues. Definitely a site to keep up with, at least until the film comes out.


The Dark Knight viral web campaign is in full swing and the reveal of the full body shot of Heath Ledger as the Joker at Empire magazine has happened. What’s left. What’s the viral campaign building too.

The first assumption is a trailer. Aside from the few that attended the panel at the 2007 San Diego Comic-Con, no one has seen any footage from the film. Less that 6 months from release, that’s unbelievable for a release of this magnitude. So a trailer is a given.

What about Harvey Dent. The sites that started all of this months ago ( and are still there, with the content unchanged. The original Pumpkin image decayed into a Two-Face style Jack-O-Lantern. Maybe that’s what we’re building up a too. The reveal of Two-Face. It may be in a trailer or in an image, but I feel like this build-up needs to lead to something new and unexpected. Something more than a trailer. I’d be satisfied with Two-Face.


Bad Internet. Looks like the full image of the Joker from the Empire Magazine Cover has been leaked early. Click the image for a larger version.

Early buzz seems that a lot of people don’t like the image. I personally, think it’s pretty cool. Different from any previous live version we’ve seen, which is what the character needs.

I’ll still be watching the He Is Coming site for the full image without all the cover copy in the way.


Are we soon going to see the first, full-body image of Heath Ledger as the Joker? According to Empire Online’s He Is Coming site, the answer is yes.

The one-third of the image that is revealed looks cool enough (and it’s just his socks and shoes). I will say, that if our first full view of Ledger as the Joker comes from an Empire magazine cover and not the Dark Knight Viral Web campaign, that will be a big letdown and what I think is a misfire with the marketing for the movie. Teasing the audience, only to have the surprise spoiled elsewhere, is no good.

Lots of sites appeared last week related to 2008’s Batman The Dark Knight movie. The RorysDeathKiss site was updated with clues to the “Times” rolling in shortly after Thanksgiving. The “Times” was revealed to the the newspaper, The Gotham Times. Users that submitted photos to RorysDeathKiss were sent 25 copies of The Gotham Times newspaper (viewable at

The best stuff appeared later at, a site setup by the Joker, showing his cut and paste modifications to the Gotham Times. My favorite has to be the recipe “How to Cook Vishnu the Elephant” on page two of the HaHa Times. Lots of fun tidbits in there if you take the time to look.

Be sure to check out SuperHero Hype for the other sites and a full write-up of the events that originally started at