Fascinating article at the Consumerist detailing how Best Buy profiles its customers. Be sure to check out the gallery of images at the bottom of the article all of the Best Buy profiles. Which profile describes you?

We already know how Best Buy thinks of customers as either “angels” or “demons,” and most Diggers are “Buzzes” or “Rays,” but now meet the newest additions to their internal sales stereotyping system.

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Any reader of Digg knows that lists are in. Not a day goes by that a Top 10… list of some sort doesn’t make it to the homepage of Digg. People love lists and savy web content producers are creating content to cater to that fact.

It seems the previous statement has not gone unnoticed by CNN, as I just found their Best — and Worst– Movie Battle Scenes on the Digg homepage. I have to say, I agree with most of their choices, but one makes me especially happy:

8. Starship Troopers — Battle of Klendathu, Battle on Planet P
Paul Verhoeven, 1997
“They sucked his brains out!”
A bloody bugfest on Klendathu sees 100,000 troops hacked, ripped and squished to death in an hour; then we follow Rico’s roughnecks to Planet P where his poorly-equipped infantry are sent back as bait for thousands of spiky Arachnids. But is it really the bugs who’re the evil ones? Slick, smart B-movie action.

Starship Troopers was a vastly underrated movie. The effects were ground-breaking (at the time) and they story was a great parody of propaganda and militaristic societies. Yes, it wasn’t hard-core Sci-Fi like the source material, but it was a great comment on media, society and violence.