YouTube and have pulled the trailer and the only thing I can find it now is the official site. They have a promo video that shows some of the trailer footage. So go check that out and come back for my comments.

Meh…That’s about all I can say. I was really looking forward to this. After seeing this, I’m not that excited. I’ll still check it out, but won’t be expecting much.

When DC Comics announced they were going to produce animated Direct-To-DVD features of several of their properties, it sounded like a win-win idea. More cartoons based on great stories, what’s not to like? If this first trailer is any indication, I’m not so sure.

First, what’s with the saying it’s based on a “graphic novel” instead of a comic book? Does that make it more acceptable. Come on, it’s Superman. Everyone knows Superman is a comic book character. The original story was spread out over many of DC’s Superman related titles for over a year. It just bothers me. Why pretend to be something you’re not?

Second, the animation looks too much like the Superman Animated series. This is just me being a fanboy, but why not have it part of that canon? Why go to the trouble to produce something that’s supposed to be different. Link it to the animated series, but provide enough information that new viewers won’t be lost. I understand they’re aiming this at a more “adult” audience, but I guarantee Carter will want to watch this the minute he see the DVD case or preview.

Oh well, I’ve vented and now I feel better. Just watch the trailer and form your own opinion.