Transformers fans and bargain hunters got lucky on Sunday April 5 and Monday April 6. That’s when you could get either (or both) of the above Transformers Animated Play Set 2-packs for 80% off—or $4.99.

Yep, that’s right. A brand new toy, exclusive to Target and only in the store for less than 1 month at 80% off.

Evidently this had to be a goof. There’s no way they would sell these at that price, intentionally anyway. Using the nice “Find It At A Target Store” link, I located a nearby store that showed them in-stock and at lunch a buddy and I drove on down.

I picked up the last one of each set—they’ll make great presents. But I can say, they were priced at $4.99 and they were sold out.

Rumors are flying today that the price has been adjusted to $22.99, but I’ve not been able to confirm that. The site still shows them at $4.99.

My guess, they were supposed to be discounted by $4.99. Most of the other Transformers product is currently 20% off. An computer glitch or human error  accidentally reversed the numbers and a lot of people got lucky.

A big thanks to TechTracer for pointing me in the right direction for a frustrating WordPress error.

After upgrading to WordPress 2.3 (fairly painless, despite the major changes due to “tag” implementation) I couldn’t upload images. Any image over 100K would produce an error stating: Allowed memory size of 16388608 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 6400 bytes). It also made reference to the includes\image.php file.

After reading the TechTracer post, I added one line of code just after the <? php tag in the image.php file:


The additional functions in WordPress (tags) and the plug-ins that I’m running must max out the memory. Now, I can upload my images and WordPress will resize and generate thumbnails just like it should (using the excellent Flexible Upload plug-in, that is).