Flickr has finally added the long rumored Video feature and I’ll admit, I’m quite happy about it. Although, I seem to be in the minority.

Judging by the comments on the Flickr Blog Post announcing Video, most Pro members (video upload is available only to Pro members) are not pleased with the feature.

Many complaints center on YouTube being available for video and they don’t want Flickr to fill up with crap like YouTube. To play devil’s advocate, I’d say Flickr thought of that.

  • Video upload is available to Pro members only. How many kids/teens will pay $25 for a feature that’s free on YouTube?
  • Videos are limited to 90 seconds. Again, longer videos are free on YouTube and 90 seconds limits what you can do.
  • Video is homemade content only. No video clips.
  • Video is safe or moderate content only. Nothing to offend anyone.

I think Flick user The_Searcher said it best in his forum post:

I would see this as one of those “hobbies” that kick in here, less a complete takeover. Like HDR groups, TiltShift groups, FishEye Lens groups, etc. People will take those kinds of shots, but unlikely that’s all they’ll do.

You may find an initial spike, as everyone jumps at the chance to make a video. Then once the novelty wears off, and people realize they still have to be creative to make something good, it’ll settle into a niche. maybe.

I know I plan to use it over YouTube for my personal / home videos. I think that will complement my main use of Flickr as a storage/viewing for personal photos. This will let me keep my YouTube for things like DVD Menus and other non-personal uses.

Some of the complaints are valid. There are other photo features that Flickr could add. RSS feeds are needed for Video, Photo, and Both. This feature also breaks some existing Flickr integration. It works fine with my Recent Photos widget/RSS, but the import photos doesn’t display video. Time to get rid of that section anyway (or just direct it all to Flickr).

However, I think Flickr did a great job integrating the video into their existing system without making it obtrusive or hard to manage. I’ll be using it, now to see what others do.

The one feature I want is to post video by email. I can do this on YouTube and it’s perfect for video from my cell phone. Once Flickr adds that (which I’m sure they will), it will be perfect.

Last night I had the great pleasure of taking Carter to his first concert. The Murfreesboro Symphony performed a selection of music from popular movies during “A Night with Oscar.”

He did amazingly well considering the show started at 7:30 and lasted for almost 2-hours. Not once did he complain or ask to leave. Quite the contrary, for most of the songs he tapped his toes, pretended to play drums or simply sat and watched intensely.

As we took our seats near the front of the hall, I noticed nervous looks from the older couple seated next to us, no doubt thinking “great, our peaceful night out is ruined, thanks to this kid.” However, at the intermission, the gentleman asked how old Carter was. He commented on how well behaved he was and that he’d never dream of bringing his grand-kids of similar age.

Yes, I’m bragging and it’s because I’m proud. I’m thankful that I have a son that is willing to do things like this with me. I’m thankful he’s well behaved enough to go to something like this and even appreciate something like this at 4 years old. I’m thankful I have a son that can say in the middle of the show “Dad, I think this was a great idea.”

The program couldn’t have been planned any better. There were enough pieces he was familiar with to keep his attention and with Star Wars being the final piece, we counted down the songs until it was time for his favorite.

The program only listed Star Wars as the final selection, so there were a few puzzled looks when the orchestra started when they began playing Leia’s theme. There was a small break between Leia’s theme and the Star Wars Main Title. For a moment, I was afraid they weren’t going to play it.

The Main Title theme got the biggest response from the mostly over 40 crowd, but I was the least impressed by this piece live. Not the orchestra’s fault, they were flawless. It just seemed like a constant march or pounding. Not enough subtlety or pauses to appreciate what was happening.

When the Main Title theme was done, Carter was ready to go and had started walking to the end of the row after the applause died down. He stopped dead in his tracks and began grinning from ear-to-ear when he heard the first few bars from the Imperial March (Darth Vader’s theme).

Overall, it was an excellent show. It was the first time I had heard many of those songs in a live setting. Jaws was probably the biggest surprise. I love the movie (and the music), but the impact that piece of music has in a live setting is amazing. Every orchestra member seems to be playing something different. Notes are out of harmony. The increase in in tempo. It all builds an amazing amount of tension.

There was one bad thing about the evening, the audience. It was a sizeable crowd, but there should have been many more people there. If I had to guess, the majority of the audience was over 40-50 years old, with only a few children (less than 10) in attendance. That’s just sad. Something like this was perfect for families wanting to introduce their kids to something other than typical music on the radio.

Thankfully, the new season for the Murfreesboro Symphony is about to begin and they’ve got a similar performance planned showcasing music inspired by literature. If you’re in the Middle Tennessee area, it’s a great, inexpensive night out. Keep checking the Murfreesboro Symphony web site for the updated 2008-2009 schedule.

Carter is one of the most well-spoken 4-year olds I’ve encountered. That’s likely in part due to the fact he gets a lot of practice talking. He can fill 30-minutes of driving with questions, comments and answers. The sad reality is that it causes you to tune out at times and there’s not telling what you’re missing.

I’ll be posting from time to time, fun things he says or does as a way to remember them and to share them.

Lately, he’s been enjoying Fruit Cocktail which he calls…

Fruit Cottontail

Some things you just don’t want to correct him on.


We found out yesterday that we’re going to have another little boy. Carter was initially a little disappointed, solemnly stating “I wanted a baby sister,” but he was excited the more he thought about it.

Now, it’s time to go through the boxes and boxes of baby clothes that we kept and hope that the sizes and season match up to “Duncan Baby #2” as I’ll refer to him. We’ve barely even discussed any boy names, so that’s going to be a hot topic for some time.

Jill is doing good. She did show signs of a Low-lying placenta, which according to her Dr. (and the Mayo Clinic) seems to be a slight complication that usually corrects itself 90% of the time. We’ll have to get Carter to add a little section to his supper-time blessing that he likes to say every night, just to be on the safe side.

As for the photo above, it’s a preview of “Duncan Baby #2.” Click the image for a better look and another image.