FriendFeed - Keep track of Your Friends and Family

FriendFeed is a pretty cool new service (currently Beta testing) that allows you to create a page or feed consisting of many of the services you use. Check out my FriendFeed to see an example. That’s basically all the sites I use, consolidated into one page that anyone can view. At the bottom of that page is an ATOM Feed Link that lets you subscribe to a feed of that page, effectively updating you anytime I use one of those services.

They also have a widget you can embed on a web page. I tried posting that here, but the formatting isn’t quite ready. Long URLs or post titles break outside the box. Similarly, the ATOM feed is pretty unformatted and doesn’t read that well. These are both things I hope will get improved in the beta process.

They currently support a lot of the popular services, with more being added. In addition to the ones I’m using, they also support Twitter, Jaiku, Zooomr, SmugMug,, Picasa, NetFlix, Pownce, and a few others.

One last cool feature is you can create “Imaginary Friends.” This lets you group feeds and services from your friends under one feed, even if they aren’t using the service. So, I can create a friend feed and have all that person’s content in one place.