Ben Walker- A Love That Transcends Time, Space and Manufacturer

Gallery 1988 has another great show going on this month. This time the nostalgic subject is toys. Tons of wonder images over at for you to check out.

Desiree Fessler - My Little Stallion All of the artwork is great. The custom Hot Wheels are especially cool. What a great idea, to paint/customize such a small item. For some reason, I find Desiree Fessler’s “My Little Stallion” especially hilarious. Definitely worth checking out (or even purchasing) if you’re in the Los Angeles area between April 1 and April 25.

Be sure to check out the G1988 blog to see the photos of the actual gallery. The pieces of Hot Wheels track on the wall are insanely cool looking and really add to the feel of the show. Add this to the list of cool shows (Stan Lee, 8-Bit, etc) that Gallery 1988 has done.