Edward Norton as Bruce Banner

Found that image over at ENewsInternational the other day and I thought that it looked awful familiar. I dug out my The Incredible Hulk TV Series DVDs and looked through the intro real quick and turned up these two images.

Hulk TV Banner in the Chair Hulk TV Close Up

Kudos go out to Occasional Superheroine for beating me to the punch on posting the relation to the old TV show. I guess they’re really playing the movie as an homage to the TV show, especially since they’re including the “Walking Man” theme. Now, if they’d only include the Disco Version of the Hulk Walking Man theme, there would be no reason not to see the movie.


Evidently there’s an amazing showing happening in Los Angeles at Gallery 1988. Running through February 1st, “Under the Influence: A Tribute to Stan Lee” features artwork inspired by the Marvel Comics creations of Stan Lee. Check out Collider.com for a nice set of photos from the show.

If you like what you see, it might be worth keeping your eyes on the Gallery 1988 store and the G1988 Crazy4Cult site, as they’ve got tons of great art for sale and it wouldn’t surprise me if some of the Marvel stuff eventually shows up there.

UPDATED:Here’s a blog that has great, large, and clear photos of most of the work that’s in the exhibit. Stan Lee Tribute Artwork.


Wizard Entertainment’s website wizarduniverse.com has a nice interview with director Louis Leterrier. He reveals a few details about the 2008 film “The Incredible Hulk” starring Edward Norton, Tim Roth and Liv Tyler but the best revelation is near the end of the interview.

Is there any way you can get that sad “walking away” music from the end of each episode into the film?
LETERRIER: Actually, yeah. We got the rights so that’ll be in the movie. The composer is Joe Harnell. “Dah dah dah…” Let me play it for you. Hold on, I’ve got it. Listen. [Plays sad Hulk music] That’s the one! [Laughs]

There you go. The “Lonely Man” Theme by composer Joe Harnell will be in the 2008 film “The Incredible Hulk.” How cool is that?

Hulk_Red Herc Skaar

The Incredible Hulk has always been a favorite of mine. I remember watching the live show with Bill Bixby when I was a kid. The 1980’s animated series that aired with Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends was also pretty cool. My parents even got me a subscription (one of many) to the comic for a few years. It was around issue 300 and Dr. Strange had exiled the Hulk to the “Crossroads.” It was a mystic realm where the Hulk could finally be at peace, but of course that didn’t last.

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