Having worked in electronics retail for many years, I know that cutting edge products will always drop in price and that first gen. products will always improve with later releases. Even if I weren’t in the middle of a Sprint contract, I personally would have waited. Still, there were hundreds of thousands of people that purchased iPhone’s. The fact that Steve Jobs and Apple will offer customers who paid $599 for their iPhone a $100 credit is amazing. Kudos to Apple for listening to their customers and actually doing something about it.

Sure, I’d like to have an iPhone. However, since I don’t have $600 to drop on a new phone (and I’m indentured to Sprint for at least another year – or more). I’ll settle for playing with the Leaflets web based demo.

To get the full effect, you’ll need to be running Safari 3 on a Mac or PC. The idea of Leaflets is a great one. Provide a portal that formats a lot of the popular RSS based services for iPhone viewing. The RSS / Feeds view is very efficient and all the demos read very well on the small screen of the iPhone.

Still, the negatives on the iPhone (no MS Exchange, no high-speed data, etc.) make me want to wait for a later version anyway.