Just a few interesting notes from the weekend.


A large batch of new photos were posted at the Iron Man movie site. Several great shots in there, including different versions of the armor. The one above is a favorite. Seems to explain the movie all by itself. Still can’t get over how cool this is looking. If you didn’t like the Super Bowl commercial for Iron Man, there is not hope for you.

Next up, Marvel has posted a list of the 10 Greatest X-Men. the whole list seems kind of redundant. One, since it’s from Marvel, what kind of perspective do they have. As I was reading it, There were one or two entries where I thought “oh, look at my, I’ve got a new series coming out.” Most of the list I do agree with and I’d expect any longtime fan to as well.

Finally, my favorite question/article I’ve read in a while… Can a Lightsaber Cut Through Superman? If the lightsaber were made with a piece of green kyptonite as its crystal – of course it could. How big of a geek am I when I read it and I think, “of course, that makes perfect sense.”

Testing the Iron Man Armor

Nice, new photo of Tony Stark (Robery Downey Jr.) building/testing the later version of the Iron Man armor.

With any superhero flick, the beginnings of its success is based on the visuals. Great story has to be there, but if the visuals (or look) is all wrong, fans won’t show up to check the story out.

Every look at Iron Man seems to be visually 100%.

Speaking of Iron Man, you should definitely check out the Iron Man Fan Film by David Guivant that’s currently over on ScreenRant. Featuring a few Iron Man supporting characters and Avengers teammates, it’s amazingly well done and makes me wish there were a real show like that being developed.


There’s a new Iron Man preview image floating around the ‘Net (and a very cool one). The suit looks incredible. I think it’s absolutely perfect. The fact that they created such a believable looking, practical suit is great. They could have done all CGI, but the suit looks better (and is probably cheaper). Click the image for a larger view.

SlashFilm has posted a great article on 55 Must See Movies of 2008. There’s a lot of good films on there. So many and I know I’ll never watch half of them and likely only see half of that in the theaters. I do know I’ll see Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and The Dark Knight next year. With Carter, I’m sure Wall-E, Where the Wild Things Are and Horton Hears a Who will be sure bets. From what I hear, the Wachowski Brothers Speed Racer film will be G rated, so we’ll definitely be there for that one.

Fanboys, Be Kind Rewind, Fanboys, The Changeling, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button all sound interesting, but will probably have to wait for cable/DVD.

Iron Man flying from the 2008 Iron Man movie

The Iron Man trailer is going to premiere tonight on several Paramount television stations. The first tv airing is scheduled to air just before MTV’s “The Hills” at 8:30 p.m. Central time. The rest of the showings are:

Comedy Central: The Daily Show 10-Sep
MTV: The Hills 10-Sep (the break leading into the show)
Spike TV : CSI 11-Sep
VH1: The Rock Life 10-Sep
BET: Baldwin Hills 11-Sep
CMT : Trick My Truck 10-Sep
Logo : Rick & Steve 11-Sep
MTV2: Room 401 10-Sep
NAN : Fresh Prince 10-Sep
The N: Fresh Prince 11-Sep
TV Land: Andy Griffith 11-Sep

Jeff Bridge’s will play villain Obadiah Stane in the 2008 Iron Man movieYou don’t have to wait. Apple has released the online version of the Iron Man trailer more than a day early. It’s a great two minute clip. It shows the genesis and personality of Tony Stark (Iron Man), shows multiple versions of the armor in great detail, and even shows a quick glimpse of the villain Obadiah Stane / Iron Monger, played by Jeff Bridges.

Jeff Bridges in the Iron Monger armor from the 2008 Iron Man movie

That’s definitely Bridges in the over-sized Iron Monger armor in that image from the trailer. Obadiah Stane was a businessman who overthrew Tony Stark’s company and later tried to destroy Stark. A lot of people were expecting the Mandarin as the villain, but Stane makes a much better introductory villain in my opinion. It wouldn’t surprise me to see the Mandarin make an appearance in the new film as a setup for a sequel, since the character is currently receiving a lot of attention in the comics.