In issue #10 (1965) of the X-Men series, Ka-Zar was introduced and he bounced around the Marvel Universe for many years following, somehow meeting up with a large cast of Marvel heroes, despite being a one-hit Tarzan knock-off and mainly located in the Savage Land.

He did have a short run series in 1997 with art by Andy Kubert, but the character hasn’t been seen much since then.


First appearance: X-MEN #10
Origin issue:
Significant issues: X-MEN #10 (first encountered original X-Men, first battled Maa-Gor);
DAREDEVIL #12-14 (first encountered Daredevil, first battled with brother the Plunderer);
INCREDIBLE HULK #109-111 (first encountered Hulk, battled Umbu the Unliving);
ASTONISHING TALES #1-2 (first battled Kraven the Hunter);
ASTONISHING TALES #8 (encountered Bobbi Morse (Mockingbird));
ASTONISHING TALES #12-13 (first battled AIM, met Man-Thing);
AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #103-104 (first met Spider-Man, battled extraterrestrial Gog);
KA-ZAR #1 (first met Shanna the She-Devil);
KA-ZAR #14-20 (battled Klaw, first visited another dimension);
X-MEN #61-63 (first battled Magneto’s Savage Land Mutates);
X-MEN#115-116 (teamed with X-Men to battle Zaladane and Garokk);
KA-ZAR THE SAVAGE #1 (discovered the Savage Land is part of Pangaea);
KA-ZAR THE SAVAGE #12 (first battled Belasco);
KA-ZAR THE SAVAGE #29 (married Shanna);
KA-ZAR THE SAVAGE #33 (apparent death of brother Parnival);
AVENGERS #256-258 (destruction of the Savage Land by Terminus, rescued by the Avengers, left Savage Land for the civilized world);
IRON MAN #202 (encountered Iron Man, battled the Fixer);
X-MEN ANNUAL #12 (Savage Land restored by High Evolutionary and Garokk; Ka-Zar, Shanna and newborn return);
KA-ZAR GRAPHIC NOVEL (Ka-Zar and Shanna separated)