The Pan-African Congress on the Treatment of Supernumans (left to right): Afrikaa (of Mohannda), Zanda (exiled Princess of Narobia), Queen Ororo (of Wakanda), King T’Challa (of Wakanda), Man-Ape (representing Wakanda’s Jabari tribe), Moses Magnum (of Canaan), and President N’Dingi (of Mbangawi)

I just recently posted an entry for the Marvel character Man-Ape, when low and behold, he pops up in the Civil War Battle Damage Report. While not really a “comic,” the Battle Damage Report is a text heavy, encyclopedic 60+ pages of info and bios brought up to date with Marvel’s recent Civil War event.

As you can probably tell from previous entries, I can’t get enough of this type of book. If I had to guess, it stems from my childhood. I remember reading the original Marvel Handbooks and DC Who’s Who series and thinking how cool they were.

Man-Ape Image from The Official Handbook Of The Marvel Universe - Master Edition #03 (1991)

What’s wrong with this picture: you’re a super-villain and you possess the strength and agility of the “rare Wakandan white gorilla,” which means you’ve got enhanced human strength and durability, as well as superhuman stamina and agility. You outweigh Captain America by 100lbs. and have almost a foot height advantage, yet you still manage to get  “overpowered” by him in Avengers #78 and #79. Way to go, Man-Ape and Cap., I still miss you.

Powers and Abilities

Intelligence: Normal
Strength: Enhanced human
Speed: Athlete
Stamina: Superhuman
Durability: Enhanced human
Agility: Superhuman
Fighting skills: Wakandan Royal Militia training
Special skills and abilities: None
Superhuman physical powers: Superhuman strength, agility, stamina, and durability equal to that of the rare Wakandan white gorilla
Superhuman mental powers: None
Special limitations: None
Source of superhuman powers: Mystical transference of the abilities of the rare Wakandan white gorilla


Costume specifications: The Man-Ape wears the pelt of Wakandan white gorilla.
Personal weaponry: None
Special weaponry:
Other accessories: None
Transportation: Various
Design and manufacture of paraphernalia: Inapplicable


First appearance: AVENGERS #62
Origin issues: AVENGERS #62
Significant issues: AVENGERS #62 (battled the Black Panther in attempt to usurp the throne of Wakanda and return Wakanda to primitive state);
AVENGERS #78-79 (traveled to America, joined Lethal Legion, captured Black Panther, fought Avengers, overpowered by Captain America);
WEST COAST AVENGERS #1-2 (rejoined Lethal Legion, battled Tigra);
VISION AND SCARLET WITCH Vol.2 #2 (abandoned Grim Reaper, accompanied by Black Talon)