Our House

Looking for directions today and it seems Goole has street viewed our whole neighborhood. That’s pretty odd considering we’re about 4 miles out a country road. It looks like the did the whole city (for the most part).

My guess is the photo was taken around the last week of May. That’s my Dad’s truck in the photo and the last time he was up to visit from Texas was when Riley was born. Just got a kick out of this.

Drap and Drop to Add Markers and Change Routes in Google Maps

We’ve all used Google Maps to get directions. Most of us have probably even said to ourself “why is it going that way?”

Now you can change all that. For any Google Map Route, you can drag and drop to add route markers. This will let you adjust or completely change that route that Google planned. Each new custom point is added as a yellow pause “||” symbol so it’s easy to tell what changes you’ve made.

The most interesting thing to me is the ability to compare routes. I can map 2 or the paths to the same location (from the same starting point) and see which is the shortest. Could help you find your way around that traffic jam you always run into on the way home.