I’ve always been a fan of Metallica, although the last 3-4 CDs before their latest (Death Magnetic) were not that good and that’s saying it nicely. Their newest video for "All Nightmare Long" is extremely cool and harkens back to their first video "One".

In their video, Russians find a Zombie creating spore and unleash it on America in the late 1940’s. It’s a cool story concept and the last minute of the video is extremely creepy. I would definitely watch a feature lenght version of this story.

Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock for Wii

We recently got a Nintendo Wii for the family and with just Wii Fit and Wii Sports, it’s a blast. The simple games and cool controls make it easy to play (and fun). Aside from those two games, the only other one we currently have is Guitar Hero III and I’ll admit, I’m addicted.

Having played bass guitar in a band back in high school—yes, I had dreams of becoming a rock star—this game was something I wanted to play right away. I’m currently doing pretty well on the Easy setting and can’t stop thinking about the game. Seriously, it’s too much fun. It’s got a great list of songs and the Wii version may lack downloadable content, it makes up for it with Wii only features like responsiveness to how you hold the guitar.

I’ve already decided the only thing I want for Christmas is Guitar Hero World Tour – which adds drums and vocals.

Then for my birthday (or shortly after) it will have to be Guitar Hero: Metallica, which I hope supports the drums from World Tour.