I finally found a good OCR program, so I think it's time to start sharing these gems of entries from the old Marvel and DC Comics character handbooks. First up, the strange looking M.O.D.A.M.

If M.O.D.O.K. was a good idea, then why not have MODAM was probably the consensus around the Marvel Comics offices when this character was created.


Height: 12'
Weight: 2750 lbs. (without life-support harness)
Eyes: White
Hair: Brown
Other distinguishing features: Modam's head is grotesquely enlarged, requiring artificial support.


Full name: Mobile Organism Designed for Aggressive Maneuvers
Real name: Unrevealed
Other current aliases: Maria Pym
Former aliases: Sodam
Dual identity: None
Current occupation: Weapon
Former occupation: Unrevealed
Citizenship: Unrevealed
Legal status: Unrevealed
Place of birth: Unrevealed
Marital status: Unrevealed
Known relatives: None
Known confidants: None
Known allies: Advanced Idea Mechanics
Major enemies: Hawkeye. Dr. Pym, Quasar
Usual base of operations: Mobile
Former bases of operations: An unspecified laboratory of the subversive organization AIM
Current group membership: Servant of AIM
Former group membership: Unrevealed
Extent of education: Unrevealed


Intelligence: Genius
Strength: (without artificial aids) Below normal, (with artificial aids) Enhanced human
Speed: (without artificial aids) Below normal, (with artificial aids) Enhanced human
Flight speed: Equivalent to natural winged flight limit
Stamina: (without artificial aids) Below normal, (with artificial aids) Enhanced human
Durability: (without artificial aids) Below normal, (with artificial aids) Superhuman Agility: (without artificial aids) Below normal, (with artificial aids) Enhanced human
Reflexes: Normal
Fighting skills: Minimal capacity for hand to hand combat
Special skills and abilities: Unrevealed
Superhuman physical powers: None
Superhuman mental powers:
Super -human intellect; ability to project psionic force for a number of effects, including concussive energy, generation of heat, and protective fields; limited telepathy and imposition of will.
Special limitations: Modam's muscu�lature is atrophied, while her head has been freakishly enlarged. Thus she is physically dependent on the exoskeleton provided by her hover-chair for physical support and movement. If any of the chair's systems malfunction or are disabled she would be extremely vulnerable.
Source of superhuman powers: Artificial acceleration of brain tissue growth by means of mutagenic chemicals and radiation, plus cybernetic implants.


Costume specifications: Modam is permanently encased within an exo-skeletal shell of life-supporting machinery which augments her musculature, provides mobility, and performs various bodily functions. Sensors equipped throughout the exoskeleton monitor both her body's functions and the system's mechanical functions and transmit this data telemetrically to AIM headquarters. Thus they monitor both her blood sugar level and her rocket fuel level.
Personal weaponry: Modam's headband contains equipment which aids her in the focusing of her psionic powers.
Special weaponry:
Modam is equipped with two telescoping tentacle-like arms within which her own arms fit. Each terminates in a pronged "hand". Maximum elongation of arms is 15 feet.
Other accessories:
Modam's "hover-chair" contains anti-gravity generators enabling it to hover and chemically fueled rocket boosters to propel it. Its maximum speed is approximately 230 mph, maximum lift approximately 1000 lbs., its flight ceiling is approximately 19.000 feet and the fuel pods carry sufficient fuel for approximately 2 hours of conservative use. Modam also employs various AIM transport carriers.
Design and manufacture of paraphernalia: Advanced Idea Mechanics


First appearance: (as "Maria Pym") WEST COAST AVENGERS #36, (as Sodam) SOLO AVENGERS #16, (as Modam) QUASAR #9
Origin issue: Modam's origin is as yet unrevealed.
Significant issues: WEST COAST AVENGERS #36 (claimed to be Henry Pym's deceased wife Maria): SOLO AVENGERS #16 (mutated further, opposed Hawkeye and Dr. Pym); QUASAR #9 (given first assignment as Modam–acquiring Quasar's quantum-bands)