Here’s the perfect toy to freak out your kid this Christmas. Kota the Triceratops from Playskool/Hasbro is a life-size baby dinosaur that’s made to interact with your kids.

Kindle your child’s curiosity for prehistoric creatures and make-believe adventures with his very own life-sized baby dinosaur. You may have seen “talking” and “moving” toys before, but chances are your dino-loving toddler has never seen a prehistoric “pet” that comes to “life” with realistic electronic sounds and motion. It’s fossil-sized fun standing just over 2.5 feet tall. A hidden handle helps kids hold on once they climb onto the dinosaur’s back. Realistic stomping sounds add to the make-believe fun as kids bounce in place on the spring seat. Talk to KOTA the Triceratops and he roars back with expressive tail, head, eye, mouth and horn movements. Touch his nose with your hand and KOTA “sniffs” it! In fact, it’s easy to trigger all of his sensitive spots – try tickling his belly or chin to make KOTA “laugh”. And when you think this pretend dinosaur has worked up an appetite, be sure to “feed” KOTA his leafy snack – it really sounds like he’s munching on it! Four different adventure-themed tunes set the mood for your child’s wild imagination as he embarks on a dino-filled rides. But don’t worry! A convenient volume control switch lets you adjust the level or turn it off. KOTA the Triceratops may look thick-skinned, but just one stroke on his scaly-like fabric “hide” will prove he’s really a soft and snuggable playmate who’s ready for all of your child’s dino-roarin’ escapades.

Is this the new wave in kid’s toys, a quick way to blow $300, or just another step toward the pending robot revolution? I’m not sure, but I would have dug that as a kid.

This – Not so much.

That’s at the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History. Imagine turning the corner and running into that as a kid. We saw something similar to this at the Walking with Dinosaurs Live show and it was very realistic looking. Thanks to Yewknee for that video.

Optimus Prime in the Transformer’s movie by Michael Bay.

Now that’s a movie I want to go see (480p HD Trailer Link).

After a few boring trailers, they finally deliver on the good stuff and I think this preview shows plenty of what the public needs to see, big robots transforming and fighting each other.

Unlike the sequels that dominate the summer (Spider-Man 3, Pirates 3, Shrek 3, Fantastic Four 2), the Transformers are making their first appearance on the big screen. They’re an unknown to a large audience and that audience wants to have an idea of what they’re going to get for their $8 movie ticket. Heck, I grew up watching Transformer and it wasn’t until this trailer that I actually got excited (just watch Optimus transform and tell me you don’t grin when you hear “the sound”).

That’s not to say I don’t have complaints. When the guy at the end says “Bring It!” it makes me want to cringe. But another part of me cracks up at Shia LaBeouf’s line “It’s a big robot, it must be from Japan.” I’ll go in expecting Independence Day and perhaps I won’t be disappointed. How hard can it be to mess up giant robots that transform and beating each other up?