Mark Bagley Draws the JLA and Avengers

According to Newsarama, in 2008, longtime Marvel Comics artist Mark Bagley will make a switch to DC Comics after over 20 years at Marvel.

Bagley just recently finished an unheard of (in this age) run of 111 issues on Ultimate Spider-Man (with writer Brian Bendis). Newsarama (and DC) did not name the project that Bagley will be working on, I’d love to see him on Teen Titans.

With his track record and speed, he’d be a great candidate for any book. He’s one of the few artists in the industry that can still produce a book (or more) in one month. Maybe he’ll be involved with DC’s third weekly series that will likely follow Countdown to Final Crisis and the 7 issue limited series Final Crisis, by Grant Morrison. Whatever the project, I’ll definitely check it out.