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Yet another reason to love Firefox, and one that I didn’t stumble across until recently.

If there are a few sites that you search regularly, you can add them right into Firefox and access them directly from the address bar.

For example, to search wikipedia, in the address bar, I’ll type w Spider-Man and Firefox will search wikipedia and pull up the results. Just right-click any search box on any site and select “Add a Keyword for this Search.” When the Add Bookmark window pops up, just enter in the Site Name and the Keyword you want to use to when searching.

You can download (right-click and “save as”) the 10-15 Quick Searches I have setup and import them into Firefox. You’ll be ready to go in no time. The ones I use the most, I have set to one or two letters. Simply type CTRL + L to access the address bar and enter your terms and off you go.

Here are the ones I use frequently:

Type “aad <search term >” to search
Acronym Finder Quick Search
Type “acronym <acronym>” to look up what an acronym stands for in Acronym Finder.
Type “am <product name>” to look up an item on Amazon.
Type “d <word>” in the addressbar to perform a dictionary look-up.
Type “dru <search term>” to search
Type “e <item>” to find something up for auction at Ebay.
Flickr Quick Search
Type “f <search term>” to search all the tags, titles and descriptions of images at photo-sharing site Flickr.
Froogle Quick Search
Type “froogle <product name>” to look up a product on shopping search engine Froogle.
Google Maps Quick Search
Type “map <address>” to get a Google map of a street address or location.
Type “g <search term>” in the addressbar to perform a Google search.
Google Image
Type “gi <search term>” to find images that match using Google Image Search.
Type “i <search term>” to search
Ninja Search
Type “n <search term>” to search Ninja
Technorati Quick Search
Type “tech <search term>” to see what weblogs are posting about a topic.
Thesaurus Quick Search
Type “thes <word>” to find words with similar meanings in a thesaurus.
Wikipedia Quick Search
Type “w <search term>” to look it up in Wikipedia.
Type “yt <search term>” to search YouTube