Just a few interesting notes from the weekend.


A large batch of new photos were posted at the Iron Man movie site. Several great shots in there, including different versions of the armor. The one above is a favorite. Seems to explain the movie all by itself. Still can’t get over how cool this is looking. If you didn’t like the Super Bowl commercial for Iron Man, there is not hope for you.

Next up, Marvel has posted a list of the 10 Greatest X-Men. the whole list seems kind of redundant. One, since it’s from Marvel, what kind of perspective do they have. As I was reading it, There were one or two entries where I thought “oh, look at my, I’ve got a new series coming out.” Most of the list I do agree with and I’d expect any longtime fan to as well.

Finally, my favorite question/article I’ve read in a while… Can a Lightsaber Cut Through Superman? If the lightsaber were made with a piece of green kyptonite as its crystal – of course it could. How big of a geek am I when I read it and I think, “of course, that makes perfect sense.”

Cloverfield Creature Fan Art

Cloverfield is out and was a great success over the weekend. Making almost $50 million, which is a record for a MLK weekend.

With the DVD of the movie months away, many are left wondering what the monster looks like. Unlike Godzilla, or other creature features, the monster has not been revealed in the trailer.

However, a nice article on /film contain several “fan-art” interpretations of the creature. Check all of them out and see which is the best.

Cloverfield Monster

Well, not really, but you can actually see a split-second glimpse of something in the newly released trailer.

Browsing Michael’s comments, I found a few more interesting links regarding the creature.

This creature mock up image, mirrors some of the details leaked. This means the details were either accurate or the image was created based on the details.

This video, loops the footage I pulled the screen-shot from.

Regardless, I’m excited to see the film. It’s an interesting concept, by a creator I like. Having said that, the LOST Missing Pieces shorts are somewhat disappointing, so far. The first with Jack was interesting, but the second one (with Hurley) felt like a Saturday Night Live skit that was going nowhere.

Over the weekend, an extended 5 minute preview of The Golden Compass was posted. Lots of new footage is shown, but most importantly I think it gives a good idea of the film to those who have no experience with the book. Out of all of the movies that studios have developed as Harry Potter clones, this one has the best chance to succeed.

After the success of the Harry Potter films, studios were snatching up any fantasy related material with kids present. In the past few years we’ve had Eragon, Bridge to Terabithia, the Chronicles of Narnia (which also got a push from Lord of the Rings), The Dark Is Rising, The Spiderwick Chronicles, and many more that I’m forgetting.

Based on just the previews, The Golden Compass looks to be the most engrossing. It looks less like an attempt to pander toward the “Harry Potter” audience and more like a honest attempt to bring Philip Pullman’s world to the screen.

Pretty cool TV Spot for the new Fantastic Four:Rise of the Silver Surfer movie. Unlike some, I really liked the first film. The effects were good, the film was fun and the Human Torch was awesome. The new one should be more goodness in that vein. With their origin out of the way, we can get to them using their powers immediately. I’m also looking forward to seeing them swap powers (see the commercial). Writer Mark Waid had a story that used something similar to this a few years back in the Fantastic Four comic where Johnny and Sue swapped powers.