All kinds of movie trailer popped up over the weekend. The most impressive is the “leaked” version of the Spider-Man 3 trailer that actually shows Venom. This leaked version is much better than the official version that was released last week (which I still think was awesome). Either one, I’m excited to see this and I know Carter, Jill and all will all be there to see this one come next May.

Up next is the first full trailer for the Simpsons Movie (in 2-D). This short 2-minute clip is funny and irreverent, just like the Simpsons should be. They take aim at the over-abundance of 3-D animated movies. Hopefully this will prove a good, 2-D animated movie can still do well. I will say that I thiink the wrecking-ball Homer is driving in the trailer was animated 3-D on the computer and then Cell-Shaded to make it look 2-D.

Finally, the trailer for FanBoys looks like fun. The site looks like its down right now, but keep checking. It’s got Jay Baruchecl in it and he always cracks me up. If you’re a Star Wars fan, then it definitely looks like a movie for you. Here’s the description from since the site is down right now.

Four guys from the Midwest drive across the country to honor the wish of their dying friend: to watch “Star Wars: Episode I — The Phantom Menace” at George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch before the movie’s worldwide release.

Finally, the trailer for the next years Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix should be popping up sometime online this week. It’s attached to the new Warner Bros. animated film Happy Feet that is hitting theaters on Friday.