The following article on Geek Idiot (5 Reasons Why the PS3 Isn’t Selling) really caught my attention. This past weekend, I had an old Nintendo NES out checking cartridges and cleaning it up. Carter was fascinated by the old Zapper light-gun and was playing with them.

I popped in Wild Gunman and he immediately started playing. Now, he didn't make it far, but he was having a blast. I took the Zapper and started playing and he picked up the spare (which was not plugged in) and started playing with me. Just a few minutes later, Jill's dad showed up and he and Carter started playing and kept on playing for a while. Never in a million years would I imagine him playing a video game, but here he was playing the game, because it was with his grandson (and he was having fun, too).

So, reason #1 really made sense to me and I think it explains why the Wii has been such a big hit this past holiday season.

Families want to play together. Gaming has become a national past time in many households, but unfortunately many families also feel a disconnect because of gaming. Kids usually lock themselves in their rooms to play the latest games while parents wonder how they can spend more time with the kids. I’ve heard of parents trying to get into gaming, but there is such a strong disconnect between hardcore games and casual games that often times they simply give up. Enter the Nintendo Wii. When Nintendo made it known that they were targeting casual gamers this also meant people who never really got into gaming because it didn’t appeal to them. Seeing how Nintendo Sports works and its hard for any parent to pass it up thinking of how great it would be to finally play a game that the whole family can get involved in. Instead of creating a next-gen console, Nintendo has created the new dinner table for the 21st century… Read the full article