Bad Internet. Looks like the full image of the Joker from the Empire Magazine Cover has been leaked early. Click the image for a larger version.

Early buzz seems that a lot of people don’t like the image. I personally, think it’s pretty cool. Different from any previous live version we’ve seen, which is what the character needs.

I’ll still be watching the He Is Coming site for the full image without all the cover copy in the way.

New Joker Photo from WhySoSerious.com

Back before Halloween, I posted a link to WhySoSerious.com and wondered what would be revealed when Halloween arrived.

The Internet was abuzz when it turned out to be a location based puzzle that revealed a message. Everyone was expecting the first trailer for The Dark Knight… Instead, we got another picture of Heath Ledger as the Joker and at least two more weeks to wait.

Digging around will lead you to RorysDeathKiss and another viral campaign for others to upload photos of themselves dressed as the Joker. It’s sort of cool looking at all the photos, but the burning candle/rotting pumpkin had me excited, now I’m just interested to see what happens.

SlashFilm had a good writeup of the site and the events that followed on Oct. 31. Just read here and here.

Michael may believe that the Octosquid is the beginning of the end for human civilization, but writer Robert Kirkman predicted it fist in his comic book series Invincible.

Octoboss - from Robert Kirkman's Invincible comic book series.

Octoboss is a super-villain who has repeatedly attempted to steal radioactive material with the aid of his henchmen, the Squidmen. Knowing Kirkman, Octoboss will eventually pop up again and reveal his master plan, but I couldn’t help but think of the character after reading the other two linked articles. Kirkman has a great knack for creating out-of-this-world characters that could be hokey if done by any other writer, but somehow seem fun and cool in the “Invincible” universe. Read more about Octoboss.

I would imagine reading Invincible now was much like reading the first 130 issues of Amazing Spider-Man, where the readers were hit with so many new and cool ideas that they just kept reading and enjoyed every minute of it.

FreezeDriedMovies.com has an “exclusive” rumor on the villains for Spider-Man 4. Their source claims that Carnage (yuck), the Lizard, and Black Cat are on deck for the next Spider-Man film.

Our regular scooper tells FreezeDriedMovies that plans are underway for Spider-Man 4, which were (obviously) set up in the third film. In the third entry, Dr. Curt Connors (played by Dylan Baker) looks at a piece of symbiote with Peter Parker. The movie then travels along it’s path without another mention of that “piece” of symbiote. This is the set up for Spider-Man 4 where that small piece of alien symbiote becomes CARNAGE. Yes Cletus Kasady is coming to the big screen, one of Spider-Man most horrifying and evil villains. Not only with Parker have to deal with the red lean mean killing machine, but Connors is set to become the long awaited LIZARD! these two villains have all been CONFIRMED for Spider-Man 4. There is talk of the Black Cat making her first appearance, but that’s all but official.

Aside for my previous thoughts on the status of villain selection, this rumor sounds like nothing more than speculation based on dangling plot points from the previous films. I’ll stick to my guns and say that it’s still way to early to say who will be in Spider-Man 4. You know my thoughts and everyone has their own. If enough people say they know who the villain for Spider-Man 4 will be, a few will actually get it right.

I’ll go on record and say that we’ll see the Lizard and Mysterio in the next movie, thereby practically setting up the Sinister Six for Spider-Man 5

CinemaBlend has a report from a few weeks ago stating they have a source that states it is highly likely that the villain in Spider-Man 4 (we all know it will happen) will be Morlun.

Morlun is a vampire of sorts and a newer villain created by current Amazing Spider-Man writer J. Michael Stracynski. To say the least, Stracynski’s run on Amazing Spider-Man has be underwhelming and controversial. Many think that his story-lines start out strong, but never have an ending that lives up to their promise. I can’t say for sure, as Ultimate Spider-Man is the only Spider-Man title I read on a regular basis.

Morlun was part of a larger storyline that attempted to re-define Peter’s origin and tie it to more mystical means. The idea that Spider-Man is the bearer of powers granted by a Spider totem was floated. Similar notions were hinted at for his many animal themed villains (Vulture, Rhino, Puma, Lizard, etc.). The story culminated with Spider-Man dying and being reborn. His powers were altered and he gained organic web shooter (similar to the movie Spider-Man) and his Spider-Sense allowed him to “listen” to spiders. He also developed Wolverine-like claws in the form of one long stinger than emerged from each arm.

Spider-Man with Stingers (Claws)

Seriously, I’m not making this stuff up.

Anyway, back to Morlun. I’m not saying they won’t use him as a villain, but I can bet at this point in time, they’ve haven’t given it much thought. The studios, writers, and director will all have different ideas as to who and what villain they want. Raimi stated over and over that he didn’t want to use Venom unless he had an idea that called for the character. Also, there are too many classic villains left for Spider-Man 4. Just click that link to see my thoughts on that topic. Truthfully, we won’t know anything concrete for at least a year. When an actor is cast, then that will be the first real proof we have.

Until then, let the speculation continue (and I’ll continue to speculate a Spider-Man 4 without Morlun).