Blair Witch 2

I really did like the first Blair Witch movie. It may not be cool to say so, but I did. I watched a bootleg videotape of it, three months before it came out in theaters, while sitting by myself in the dark. It worked, I was spooked and the different approach was great. The ambiguous ending, with no credits following the end of the film, was a new and great approach to horror.

The sequel comes out in a few weeks and I can’t decide what to think. Director Joe Berlinger has filmed several incredible documentaries, when combined with his comment that he wanted to make a “commentary on media, violence, and the nature of documentaries,” I thought that there was hope. Another reinterpretation of horror film.

But, after reading the latest article in Entertainment Weekly. I am scared again. They talk about restructuring the story to satisfy a commercial audience, worrying that the film wasn’t disturbing enough, and filming a new, less ambiguous ending. Berlinger says he’s not happy with the way the new footage is integrated in the film. He would like to change it, but he’s up against an Oct. 27 release date.

So, what’s left? A steaming pile, good movie, or inventive approach. I’ll have to wait until Oct 27 to find out, but I don’t like the way things are looking. They should have learned from the first film. A unconventional approach and groundbreaking ideas helped to make it what it was, why change and try to satisfy the public at large and make a worthless film.

Watch The Scooby Doo Project. Definitely the best and funniest parody of The Blair Witch.

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