Creating a DotNetNuke Skin

The decision was made at work to start moving content to a Content Management Systems. IT wants to move to mostly Microsoft products, so we chose DotNetNuke as the CMS platform.

I wasn’t overly excited. Much more info is already available for PHP systems like Drupal (or even WordPress), not to mention the size of their development community.

Anyway, DNN 4.5 seems to be a nice release. Much easier to install and I think I’m getting the hang of it. Thanks to Microsoft’s lack of standards support, a total CSS layout is out of the question. DNN likes to drop and add columns depending on where you’re at in the system and it requires a full page for the Inline Editor.

I did manage to generate a nice layout using a one row, three column table to hold my layout divs. This allows DNN to drop and add the columns without messing the formatting up.

This site has also be a great resource for skinning (creating a theme) for DotNetNuke. The Dreamweaver extension is also nice and gives you easy access to all the necessary placeholders for DNN content.

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