Green Lantern Sinestro Corps Special #1

Superboy Prime, Cyborg Superman, and the Anti-Monitor re-appear in DC’s Recently Released Green Lantern Sinestro Corps Special #1

It’s seems that every few months there is a new, big thing in the comic book industry (at least Marvel and DC). After one event ends, another had better start soon or readers will disappear. Marvel quickly followed their Civil War with World War Hulk (and a similar slew of ancillary titles). DC’s Infinite Crisiswas followed by 52, which is being followed by Countdown.

And, just when I thought I was out, they sucked me back in…

With one image, the just released Green Lantern Sinestro Corps Special #1 revealed that it had more to do with Infinite Crisis (and other events) than I think anyone imagined. That one image above encompasses 20+ years of stories I’ve read (both recent and long ago). I think there is something to be said for forging ahead and changing everything the way Marvel is doing with their Civil War related fall-out. But, nostalgia feels good and DC is firing on all cylinders right now and I can’t wait to see where it leads.

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