Simpsonize Me and Greatest Quotes

Burger King is running a promotion with the Simpsons Movie and has release the Simpsonize Me webiste. This site allows you to upload a photo and it will be rendered as a Simpsons character. Unlike the feature on the Simpsons Movie site, this is supposedly an automated process. Notice I say supposedly, as I couldn’t get it to work. Having said that, the results that Michael Calore of Wired Blog Network achieved were pretty accurate. I’ll keep trying and see what it produces.

There’s no denying the appeal of the Simpsons. Although some would argue the show has faded from its glory days, anyone that’s ever been a fan of the show could likely recite a few favorite quites. Everyone knows “D’oh” and it was honored by being included in the Oxford English Dictionary. An interesting side note about D’oh – it’s always written in the scripts as “annoyed grunt.”

Head on over and read Blogzarro’s 101 Greatest Simpsons Quotes and see if your favorite is on there. Mine is #7 – Homer: Oh, so they have Internet on computers now!

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