Simpsons Movie References (Times Two)

66 Simpsons Movie References

UPDATE: I’ve updated the links in the post below for the Simpsons movie references to point to Actualidad Simpson. It seems that is the original site for the images I posted about. The other site had copied the content from there. The Actualidad Simpson site has a better collection of images and has them organized by film. Just translate the site to English and have fun.

I’ve always noticed a few cinematic references in episodes of the Simpsons, but the list of Simpsons Scenes and their reference movies is just too cool. I never realized how many there were. The sad part is for all the ones pictured, I remember at least one more. Hopefully someone will put together part 2.

On a similarly titled note, the 19th season premier last night (He Loves to Fly and He D’ohs) referenced this summer’s The Simpsons Movie in the intro. A destroyed Springfield was shown being cleaned up and rebuilt and Spider-Pig makes an appearance in the couch gag at the end of the intro.

While I don’t watch the show on any sort of regular basis like I used to, it still cracks me up any time I manage to catch a few minutes. Almost 20 years later and it’s still funny (maybe not as much) and still packed with pop-culture references (more of which I now catch).

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