Tow Mater Cake

Tow Mater Cake – front, originally uploaded by allaboutduncan.

Jill and I (mostly Jill) made this cake last for a co-worker’s son’s birthday party.

I had my doubts when we started and we had to re-make the fondant icing, but overall it came out looking cool as can be. The only thing on the entire cake that isn’t edible are the two toothpicks that hold each mirror on the side.


  1. Is there any way you would share some information on HOW you created this? I am planning my son’s 3rd birthday party with a CARS theme. I recently ordered a Lightning McQueen cake pan and it is SMALL! It will never be enough for his guests and a Tow Mater to go with it would be so perfect!Please let me know if you can help me. Thank you – Regina P.

  2. my birthday and my goddaughters birthday is on the same day i was wondering the price on making me a mater cake.let me know .. feel free to email me

  3. Hi there. I have some friends that want to duplicate this cake for their kid’s birthday parties. I see you’ve already gotten quite a few responses recently asking how you guys made this.

    If you would be willing to share, that’d be awesome! Thanks!


  4. Don’t know how many details I can offer up.

    We used two 9×13 sheet cakes.

    I don’t remember our exact measurements, as the cake bakes up a little smaller than the pan. But…

    We cut off about a 2 inch strip down the length of both cakes. Leaving you with approx. 7×13.
    These were cut in half and stacked together to make the cab (eyes) if the truck. After cutting them, you should have 4 pieces that are about 6 inches long. Stack them two by two and combine to make the cab (eyes) of the truck.

    Freeze the cake for a short while, then assemble to make the truck shape. Carve/round any edges and level as needed.

    Frost the cake with a thin, thin layer of butter cream and make a batch of fondant icing and color it brown.

    I think we covered the entire truck with one layer, looking back. I would cover the body of the truck, then the cab (eyes) and set that on top. Whatever you feel comfortable with. One large piece of rolled fondant is definitely harder to work with than two smaller pieces.

    After that, it’s pretty much all in the details. We used white fondant for the teeth and eyes. A peanut butter cup and kit-katt candy bar made the engine. Large pretzels covered in fondant were used for the rear bars in the truck bed.

    For the eyes and details, I diluted some cake coloring in a few drops of water and painted it on. I hear that Vodka works better (the alcohol evaporates much quicker), but we haven’t tried that yet.

    I guess we need to make another one and document it step by step. Carter’s 4th birthday is coming up in a few weeks, so I’m sure we’ll be making him some kind of cake.

  5. I’m going to make this cake! By the way, your son is so beautiful. He reminds me of my son at that age very much. Simply adorable. Oh…and great job on the cake too. LOL

  6. hi. your cake looks amazing and is the best i have seen searching through websites. i read your directions and found it very helpful. My nephews 3rd birthday is coming up and he asked me to make him a tow mater cake and i thought seeing made him a lightning macqueen cake last year that came out good, i would make a 3D one this year. i wanted to thank you for your helpful directions in the assembly of my cake.

  7. I’m so excited to try this cake for my grandsons 3rd birthday. We found it together on line. I’ve never worked with fondant icing before, any tricks or advice?

  8. If you’re going to make your own fondant (it’s not hard). Try to make it the same day you’re going to use it. Much easier to roll and work with. Other than that, just plan out plenty of time. Fondant is pretty forgiving and can be re-rolled or redone. Cut your small prices and double check before applying them with a little brush of water.

  9. My son’s b-day theme this year is Cars, but I didn’t want to the typical Lightning McQueen party. So I wanted to do Tow Mater and came across your link. This is just perfect. He’s turning 5. Once I make it I will send you a pic.

  10. Me and a friend made this cake and I’ve already had someone else ask me to make another one for them! Thanks!

  11. my son is turning 2 in october and this cake would be perfect for his birthday all hes ever talking about is having a tow tow birthday party so if u could e mail me please

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