Be careful if you visit Forget the Film, Watch the Titles. You might find yourself watching all of the great collections of film title sequences they have.

Split into categories, such as: Animation, Motion Graphics, Mixed Media and 3D, the site offers up tons of content one place. It’s a worthy and eclectic collection and not focused on classic films. Many films in the gallery are bad, but as the site professes, a bad film can still have a great title sequence.


This morning I had an email from Microsoft, announcing the Microsoft Office Live Workspace Beta. I’ve tried Google Docs and while it’s good, I do like a desktop application for word processing. The promised integration with Word, Excel and Power Point seemed promising, so I signed up.

There’s only one major issue.

It doesn’t work unless you have MS Office. Now I have it at home and at work, but the promise of “Access them from almost any computer with a Web browser” only means you can save and email them – not edit.

You can add notes and view them on the web, but not edit.

You can share them and several users can edit (in Word) and save it to your shared space, but only from their computers – not the web.

So, for Microsoft Office Live Workspace Beta – I give it a big thumbs down. I know I just said I like a desktop word processor, but what’s the point in it being web accessible, if it’s truly not?


Here’s a pocket guide I made featuring most of the tips from the 16 Things SMS article from last week. It’s wallet sized. Just click it for the full size version, print it out, fold it (laminate if you want) and you’re ready to go.