Great story at featuring Top 10 characters from the 90s (I still don’t like Cable or Gambit). The ’90s: a much-maligned period in comics history, and yet one that produced many a memorable and successful story as well as a score of awesome characters. The ’90s were about more than just pouches, guns, trench coats and more pouches—though all those things ruled. Here’s a list of the Top 10 Marvel characters that emerged from the ’90s.

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No, that image isn’t from a redesign or another blog, it’s from Swurl.

Swurl is a site that’s similar in functionality to FriendFeed, but up’s the ante on dsiplaying the data. You can aggregate all your services into a blog-like page display. Check out my allaboutduncan.Swurl page to see what I mean.

I like the way everything is displayed. Flickr photos are automatically displayed as slideshows, Twitter posts are formatted to look like “comments”. Each type of content is unique looking. It’s easy to tell what is coming from where.


Also, Swurl has a nice timeline feature that shows all your activity per year. It’s a little large when you have a lot of photos. Ideally, you should be able to drill down by month as well. Maybe that will be added in the future.

I can see myself using this a lot if more of my friends/people I follow signed up. It’s nicer looking (and easier to follow) than FriendFeed. You can comment on anything. Overall, it’s very nice looking and worth checking out.