Millennium Falcon is Too Expensive

8. Hasbro 2008: Legacy Collection

The Millennium Falcon from Hasbro is too expensive. Seriously, $150 for a toy.

I know, this is for collectors, but I know Carter would love one of these and if I hadn’t saved one from 10 years, he wouldn’t be getting one.

Seriously, it’s sad how much toys are today. I know, inflation, but that can’t be all of it. Transformers are $10 and $20. It’s crazy.

It’s nice the DC has a new 3 3/4″ figure line out that’s $5 a figure (and I think Marvel is doing something similar). That’s equivalent to when I was a kid. I remember I got $1 a week for allowance and every 2 weeks I had enough to be a new Star Wars figure–they were $1.99.

We give Carter $4 or $5 a week (based on his chores) and that could buy 1 new figure – so maybe that evens out. Still, $150 for a Millennium Falcon is too much.

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