Nightman DVD Menu I don’t claim that this is a good show, in fact, I know it’s not. What it is though, is good, cheesy, superhero fun.

Based on the Malibu Comics (later purchased by Marvel) series of the same name, Nightman is really saxophonist Johnny Domino. After being struck by lightning, he finds he is telepathically tuned to the frequency of evil (what!?). This gives him an edge in tracking down bad guys. With the help of high-tech suit that gives him the power of flight and a laser eye, Domino begins fighting crime as Nightman.

Produced by Glen A. Larson (look for his character Manimal in Season 2), who also createdAutoman and Knight Rider. If you’ve seen either of those shows, then you know what to expect.

Nationally syndicated Chicago WGN channel aired these a few years ago and I managed to get all but two episodes. After quite a bit of searching, I tracked down nice quality versions of the two missing episodes and was able to finish the set. Now I can watch the badness whenever I want thanks to my Nightman DVD set.

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